Vera Sidika has decided to make things clear about her relationship with Otile Brown and their bitter break up.

She shared details of the break up on her YouTube Channel, letting everyone know what had been happening behind closed doors.

‘She sent me photos of herself with bruises’ Vera reveals Otile was violent to his ex

Vera revealed to Adelle and Shaffie on Breakfast with the Stars that Otile never spoiled her when they were together. She confessed that in as much as Otile had his own place, he spent most of the time at her place. The shocking revelation was that he has never bought anything in that house ever since they started dating; not even a packet of milk.

“He had never treated me. It’s not like I’m complaining. I’m the kind of person when I love and care about a person I will always support them and it used to feel like ok, this is a relationship but if someone stays with you for a month or two months in your house and still can’t even buy atleast dinner or groceries shopping or do a little thing, that’s not right. He has his own place but he used to spend a lot of time at my place. He has never bought milk.”

The two got back together for the second time on Vera’s birthday. She flew to Dubai to celebrate her birthday and Otile was also in Dubai.

‘The break up we had before and now were very real’ Vera Sidika brushes off stunt rumours

She went on to reveal that in as much as it was her birthday, Otile didn’t even buy her a gift.

When asked how long did the second chance last, she said,

It lasted a week I would say because when we got back together I remember it was in Dubai and when he left Dubai, I was still in Dubai for my birthday. He had a performance so he had to leave Dubai. When he left, he didn’t talk to me. Two days after he left he asked me for money because he wanted to buy a car and I was weirdly asking myself like why would this guy be asking me for money two days after we’ve reconciled and knowing so well that you have to first reconnect and build that relationship and get to bond before you start asking for favours especially because there’s all those break up emotions which are still very strong. So you have to be at your best behaviour and atleast prove to that person that you still care. It wasn’t an emergency and that’s what I told him.

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