Not so long ago, social media was on fire after Lillian Muli posted an emotional message on social media announcing the end to her relationship with her baby’s father, Jared.

In that post, she referred to him as a ‘community husband’ and made it clear she will not be in a relationship with a man who belongs to everyone.

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It is over! Lillian Muli breaks up with Jared Nevaton

In the course of the week as all the drama was going on in Dusit, Lillian Muli was patching thing up with Jared Nevaton. She posted a picture of her son Liam and Jared with the caption:

Just Boys Hanging out ❤️ Liam and his Daddy.

Of course this caused social media noise, with people asking if the two are back together after such a long and public break up message.

Mpasho reached out to Lillian Muli to clarify the situation and before she gave her answer, she laughed.

were WE  EVER APART? You know he is the father of my baby he has to see his baby

There you have it, we will just assume she was in her feelings that day and decided to take it out on social media, despite the fact that there is some love and a son of course.

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