Kenyan songstress Vivian has had her fair share of hardships when it comes to relationships. She has come out to reveal that she has been in an abusive relationship in the past. The guy would beat her up and verbally insult her until she decided to move on and live a healthy life.

Vivian 1

Taking to social media, she explained what she went through and the inspiration behind her song Chingi Changa, that will be dropping this week.

I came up with the song #chingichanga after healing from a very toxic relationship.
Before I met Sam West, I found myself in a very abusive relationship. The idiot would beat me up, throw me out of his house after bringing in other girls into the house. He once angrily kicked me out of his car and would make fun of my music as I had just began receiving attention from the public. He called me names like “slut” “lose” when i decided to move on and look for happiness,” Vivian explained.


She added, “There are so many girls out there who aren’t being treated well by their men. There is hope. Fear to Faith. #chingichanga comes from the deepest part of me. The song drops this weekend.”