Tanasha Donna is assuring you haters that Diamond Platnumz still loves her.

So in case you’re not in the know, the Tanzanian superstar a few weeks ago announced that he has found love in a certain lass called Tanasha.

Taking to his Insta stories, Diamond scribbled her name on sand to make it known that he loves Tanasha. People started insinuating that the said Tanasha is Kenyan model and media personality, Tanasha Donna.

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna

Well, this was after the two were spotted together at the airport and we confirmed the allegations.

Diamonds fans in Tanzania were not too happy with this piece of information and trolled her, saying she is not as beautiful as his exes.

Tanasha Donna has been compared to Hamisa with haters saying she does not have the derrerie adding negative comments about her bossom.

That clearly hasn’t  stopped Diamond from pursuing her, well according to Tansha’s post yesterday.

She took to social media telling the haters Diamond still loves her.

y’all cannot as much as you want about my body…ooh it ugly ooh  her boobs are saggy ooh she doesn’t have a nice waste ooh she doesn’t have nice legs ooh she has a nice a** but let me tell you something, he still loves me and he still wants me

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Diamond affirmed their love after he posted a picture of the two on a quad bike looking happy and in love saying:

First time riding a Quad Bike and it was fun as fuck…..! she was abit scared though😀

Here are pictures from Tanasha’s social media:

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