I’d like you to think for a second , what makes you happy?

For some people it’s a new expensive car, fame, riches more popular or just a better lifestyle.

It turns out neither one of these would truly make you happy. It’s admirable to have ambition if you need to be in a better position than you are currently in by all means keep at it, but at the end of the money can’t buy you happiness.

Image: Smiling can trick your brain into happiness

A 75 year long research was done by Harvard university to discover what makes people happy.

The participants of this study where divided into two groups. One group were Harvard students who were in their sophomore (second) year and the rest were children living in some of the poorest and roughest neighborhoods at the time.

Every two years they would check in with them and ask them several questions, get their medical records interviewed their parents, children and their loved ones  and documents the quality of their relationships .They dug in deep in their life and examined as much as possible.

The research spanned over generations and they came up with three conclusions :-

1.Those who had quality relationships lived longer, happier and healthier lives.

2.Those who lived in social seclusion were prone to dying quicker.

3.Those who had good relationships had a better memory.

Human beings are social creatures. It’s not the quantity of relationships you have but the quality. Some people could be surrounded by a crowd  of people and still be lonely.

Diana Marua’s secret: Of weight gain and happy relationships

The relationship doesn’t have to be a perfect one, most of the participants fought with their spouses several times like most couples but at the end of the day they could rely on their partner to be there for them.

Turns out at the end of the day you don’t need the largest house in the world to be happy or the most luxurious car all you truly need to be happy are people who you can rely on.

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