If the name Marek Fuchs doesn’t ring a bell, trust me you know him pretty well. He is the guy behind Sauti Sol’s success whom you may not see a lot in the limelight because he is always somewhere trying to break a deal.

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Being Sauti Sol’s manager is not easy, but the question is whom does he hang out with when he is not focusing on their media interviews or photo shoots?

He is always travelling all over the world and has managed to click a few selfies with some of the biggest international celebrities whom we only dream of being in their concerts or around them in general.


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From meeting Kerry Washington to Usher, here are some other international superstars he has met and managed to pose for a picture with;

1. Sauti Sol were among Gidi Fest headliners in Nigeria and maybe, just maybe the boy band was on stage when he got to click one with Diplo!


2. He posted this picture on his Instagram with the caption; ‘Plantains for dinner | #Lagos #Nigeria’. He seems to have been having fun chilling with Davido.

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3. Marek meets Trey Songz! Sounds like the best caption ever for this picture!


4. Y’all remember this guy? Hakeem Kae-Kazim? He’s the guy who played as Dubaku in the hit series 24!



5. Well, just like you guys I’m still stuck on this picture wondering how I can get a close selfie with the queen herself, Beyonce!