Every man deserves to look good and sharp when standing in front of a crowd or running errands. I mean, who wouldn’t want to stand next to a man who is well dressed and looks like he’s the master of signing deals.

Clothes, shoes and accessories are the some of the things that men use to express themselves individually.

With that said and done, let’s look at 5 things every successful man should have;

  1. Suit

Most ladies state that a man wearing a well tailored suit is a total turn on and I agree with them. Suits make a man look like he knows exactly what he’s doing and he’s all about business.

2. Cologne

A man who smells good is an bonus. Trust me when I say even if you are not “attractive” the minute you wear a good cologne, all eyes will be on you. So men, invest in good colognes. No one wants to be associated with someone who’s not smelling good.

3. Shoes

A good pair of shoe, be it official or casual, says a lot about a man. If you walk into a room and your shoe game is on point, people will take you seriously and would want to listen to what you have to say. Spare a few coins and get yourself a few good pairs.

4. Clean haircut


I know we live in an era where men are wearing all these different hairstyles. It’s ok to have an afro, dreadlocks as long as it’s well kept. But a man who has a clean haircut is bound to get attention from people and even if you want to sign a deal, that can be a clean bonus.

5. Belt

You don’t have to go broke because you want to buy a designer belt. A good simple belt is all you need.

Well, here are 10 Kenyan male celebrities who’s wardrobe game is on a whole another level;

Georgie Ndirangu

Steve Mbogo

Larry Madowo

King Kaka

Kenyan Stylista

Zeddie Loky

Hassan Joho

DJ Sadic

Jamal Gaddafi

Sean Andrew

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