Chito Ndhlovu

Music is life. Ask around and you’ll get the same response. It soothes the heart – depending on the kind of music your listening to.

Then there’s the radio. This gadget has so much power that we sometimes don’t even realise it. Our best jams are played and our presenters give us all the juicy info you long for.

The new kid on the block, Chito Ndhlovu, is about to make your evenings fun and electric. With good music and exciting conversations, the show is bound to be lit. You may have heard him on radio but you may not know much about him.

Exclusive: Meet The Charming New Kiss FM Presenter Chito Ndhlovu (Video)


Well, here are 6 things you didn’t know about the Golden Voice;

1. He used to be in a dance group while in high school. He was a really good at break dancing.

2. Music is bae and he used to play acoustic drums.

3. With such an amazing voice and a great way of engaging with people, Chito Ndhlovu is actually an introvert. It might be hard to believe it but that’s what’s up.

4. We all have weird things we’ve done that if you told people, they’d look at you weird. Well, the weirdest thing that Chito has ever done happened in an elevator with his mum, dad and Graca Machel and he literally farted. You can imagine how weird that was.

5. He loves his siblings so much that he’s tattooed their names on his arm.

6. It’s not easy to reveal when you lost your virginity, but Chito doesn’t mind. He lost his virginity when he was thirteen to a sixteen year old.

So if you thought you knew him, think again…