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Octopizzo seems to be doing quite well, from taking trips to Abu Dhabi for culture summit to holding amazing concerts. However, it is his latest song that has gotten everyone talking.


The song dubbed “pull up” is on another new level and those trap beats are absolutely on point! Every soul involved in making this song just nailed it and Octo’s lyrics are perfect.

Most trap loves in Kenya must have waited for such good stuff in a long time and finally here is your time! You will fall in love with that beat, that’s no lie.

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Oh yeah, how can we forget to mention the pull up squad in the song who almost sound like those in Desiigner’s song “panda”!

It is just a week after the official release of the video which has gained 189 thousand views on YouTube, so we are looking towards 1 million plus views by the end of the second week!

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Check it out;

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