Eko Dydda is one of the most celebrated Kenyan gospel artistes in the industry and his songs are just on point.

The “Vidole” hitmaker has already introduced his kids to the industry and for sure they are quite talented.

Gospel Singer Eko Dydda Introduces The Special Lady In His Life

eko dida6

However, what we can’t get over is how stylish these kids are thanks to their famous father for keeping the dreadlocks in the family.

From their hair to their poses and dressing, we just can’t get enough of them.

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Here are six times these kids proved to be more photogenic than their famous dad;

1. The shoes, the t-shirts, the jeans; OMG everything is perfect in this picture!

eko dida

2. Their poses here stole the show, definitely showing they are ready for the rapping world.

eko dida5

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3. These carrot jeans look perfect but what we can’t get over is the OG pose! Trust Eko Dyddas kids to pull that on us!

eko dida3

4. There is just something about their chill sign that looks absolutely amazing!

eko dida 4

5. Oops! Sorry here for cropping Eko Dydda. Oh not sorry, we couldn’t let him steal their moment!

eko dida 1

6. Damn! Aren’t these kids fantastic?

eko dida2