Bahati shocked the interwebs when he went ahead and introduced his daughter to the world. We all know he has other kids that he has adopted, so it would be pretty obvious to assume that Mueni Bahati is another adopted child.

Bahati and mueni1

But noooo. Actually Mueni is Bahati’s real daughter. Yes, Bahati is a real dad. So he got one Kisha Yvette Obura pregnant and only revealed this two years later. Not much is known about Kisha because Bahati never mentions her neither does he acknowledge her as her baby’s mother.

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So why did Bahati decide to introduce his daughter all of a sudden and out of the blues? Sit tight coz I’ll keep you posted.

diana and mueni

Since Diana Marua has been in the picture for sometime now, does this mean she’ll be taking up the role of a step mother? These are questions running through so many minds. But in the mean time, Diana had nothing but sweet words to say about Mueni.

She said, “I love this innocent soul, so full of love. You’re blessed to have @bahatikenya as your Daddy. You are too adorable little princess @mueni_bahati 👸.”