Everyone and their mother has been jumping onto the bandwagon that is the Faceapp challenge. Trust that not many could do the bottle cap challenge (the one where you kick the top off a bottle) so they settled for the easier one where you simply digitally age yourself.

Barrier to entry on one challenge was skill (or luck) while for the second, it was wifi speeds quick enough to allow you to download an app…

Nyashinski, however, was one Kenyan celebrity who was oddly silent while the rest were falling over each other to post a picture of themselves digitally enhanced to show how they would look in 20-40 years. He took to his IG account to explain why he hasn’t participated in the challenge and it was rather well informed:

And this is why Nyashinski is one of my favourite artistes. He is a thinking man’s artiste. Sure some complain about him being arrogant but when you are as talented as him and as intelligent as he clearly is, surrounded by a sea of ignorant fools you kinda see why he is the way he is.

Anyway, here is why the FaceApp issue is bigger than just sheeple following the leader blindly; the company that created the app, Wireless Lab in St. Petersburg Russia, gives the developers—and possibly even hackers—access to your personal information.

Image result for there's more+gifYup! According to an article in the NY Post, “They can also use your real name, your username or “any likeness provided” in any format without notifying, much less paying, you. They can retain that material as long as they want, even after you delete the app”.

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Now enjoy some dope music Nyashinski is featured in: