So, your style game is pretty average. You already have the basics down. Your clothes fit well but you want to take it a step further. You don’t need to look any further or spend a tone of money to get the latest fashion trend to look upgrade your style. You just have to play around with colours and that’s where your skin undertone comes into play.

Warm or Cool Colours - Warm colours are from the red spectrum of a colour wheel, and cool colours are from the blue spectrum of a colour wheel.





Firstly what is skin undertone?  You need to understand the difference between skin tone and skin undertone. The skin tone is the colour of your skin on the surface and your skin undertone is the colour of your skin under the surface. Your skin tone can vary with lighting and sun exposure but the skin undertone remains the same.

The skin undertone is divided into three warm, cool and neutral. It’s possible to have someone who has the same skin tone as you but has a different undertone. Step one, find out your skin undertone. This is more of a hands-on approach than scientific. The first test, take a gold and silver piece of jewellery. Place it on your skin and see which colour works best for you. If it’s gold, you have a warm undertone. If it’s silver it’s cool but if both look good on you it’s neutral. The second test involves your veins. Look at the colour of your veins on the back of your wrist. If the veins are more green/olive in colour your warm. If they’re bluer your undertone is cool. See a bit of both, neutral.

Now you know which undertone you have. Next step, find the colours that work best for you. The warm undertones should stick to warm colours. These are your orange, gold, yellow, red, olive, green and deep blue. Concentrate on colours that are rich with deep saturation. You should avoid mute colours like dark brown and dark grey. They just won’t look as good with your natural skin undertone.

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Cool undertones work best with cool colours. These are jewel colours ruby, burgundy,sapphire, royal blue, lavender emrald you get the idea? Avoid deep rich colours. Basically, avoid warm colours. They’ll overwhelm you. Wash you out and make you look pale.

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If you’re a neutral, then colours with light saturation work best for you. Look at the colour wheel. Focus on the colours that fall in the middle of that spectrum. They tend to be light and less saturated like your light peach, blue or green. Avoid colours that are too strong. They overwhelm your natural undertone and just won’t make your skin-pop.

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If you don’t know which colour works best for you then focus on contrast colours which technically arent colours they just work best for all undertones like white, grey and black. Keep in mind you don’t have to wear these colours forever. They just enhance your skin tone giving you that extra kick.

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