It had been rumoured that Willis Raburu had left Citizen TV to replace Larry Madowo on The Trend. Well, it seems he will not be leaving the media house anytime soon.

Willis Raburu2

Reports doing round, state that Willis was about to leave the media house when he was given an offer he couldn’t resist. It’s also reported that he had been offered a really good number to join Nation Media Group, but that won’t be happening anytime soon, unless they decide to pay him more than what he has been offered at Citizen.

Who Would Have Known That He Was A Hustla Way Back? Willis Raburu Tells All

The amount that he will be paid is not known, but from the look of things, it must be a really juicy deal for him to grab it so fast with open arms.

Willis Raburu1

Willis has made a name for himself ever since he joined the media world. His show 10 Over 10 that he hosts alongside Joey Muthengi, has taken the entertainment industry by storm. A while back it was ranked among the most watched TV shows in the country.