Ochieng Victor Ondenye famously known as Luodollar is a recording and performing artiste. He comes from Kibera and isn’t ashamed of it.


Aliangukia Ka-light Skin! Meet Vicmass Luodollar’s Sexy Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

Made his debut in the remix song Bank Otuch featuring the King himself Octopizzo. This song turned into a big hit and was played everywhere you go. But till now, many people don’t really understand the song or  know the meaning of it.

Recently he posted a video bragging how Chimamih’s chapatis are really good and he would quit music to supply the chapatis. Is he being petty or we are just misjudging him? Who is this Chimamih person?


Fans had alot to say and the comments were not as bad as one would think they would be. He went to an extent of even saying chapati! chapati! chapati!chapati ni tamu!

They Are Pregnant! Vicmass Luodollar’s Sexy Girlfriend Shows Off Baby Bump

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Luodollar did not disappoint he made sure to reply to his fans cracking jokes he is selling at 85 bob.

Here is the video :


These are the replies on the comment section:

vicmassluodollar: Karibuni,nimeiba Chapo ya Chimamih kama hajui na nitamu.Amejua kuzipika

jeffjunior1339: Hahaha so funny bruh!!

winniewadera: Lool jachiemo

vicmassuodollar: @jeffjunior1339 ni tamu

vicmassluodollar: @winniewadera  wee ayany.

daliviq: Hahaha… Anya kanye…. Chapat no chalo MIT.

vicmassluodollar: @daliviq chapadni mit aduwa

cinnamonbaby1: nice hebu supply

vicmassluodollar:@cinnamonbaby1 Chapo Moja ni k/sh.85 tuma mpesa kwa namba inapita hapo chini ya screen


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