Julie Gichuru is one of the well known Kenyan personalities who made a name for herself by presenting prime time news for the biggest news corporation for many years -her career actually spanned 15 years. When you look at her bio according to Wikipedia, she was born in 1974 which means she is 45 years of age but her recent photo does not betray her age.

Julie Gichuru shares the blueprint of her successful marriage

Julie Gichuru has been working out and she even took up self-defence classes with her husband as a way of not only staying fit but bonding aswell. And the pair have pretty much become inseparable. And a consequence of her active lifestyle is that she looks better now than she did 20, 0r even 10 years ago.

She has just shared a photo that is a testimony of the fact that she is ageing like fine wine and it is all down to her efforts at leading a healthy lifestyle and you can check that out below:

julie gichuru 1

Vampire genes! From Julie Gichuru to Sheila Mwanyigha, meet the ageless beauties

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