His youthful demeanour can gives people the impression that he’s shy, but when Jay A spits on the mic, and drops his rap lines, you will bow down for the Hip hop crooner.

Jay A is best known for his smash hit Dumbala featuring the amazingly talented and stunning Sage, who is also King Kaka’s baby mama.

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The song did so well in the local music charts and got so much airplay that top artistes came together to do a remix of the dope track dubbed Dumbala Reloaded featuring; Sage, Kenrazy, Visita, Madtraxx and DNA.

The singer has over time switched up from hardcore Hip-Hop to collaborating with Mombasa based singer Dazlah back in January dubbed Iyo. Dazlah is  known for his hit song, Kide Kide.

Back in 2014, Jay A he decided to work with Jamaican diva, Tiana, to drop a new song dubbed Don’t Stop, where he gave it the Hip-Hop touch as the sexy Jamaican hottie added a bit dance hall rhythm to it.


Jay A is no doubt very diverse when it comes to music and he doesn’t allow himself to stick to one style every other time. This time round, it looks like he’s decided to follow the Kenyan trend and put a little sheng in his track, while singing and still rapping at the same time.

Dropping the song dubbed Hii Ni Balaa, exclusively on Kenya’s New Kiss with the beautiful Adelle Onyango and funny guy Shaffie Weru, Jay A revealed that he recorded the song a couple of months ago, and that it’s been produced by the super talented Ulopa Ngoma.

jay a

He also talked about who he would like to collaborate with in the near future and interestingly, also about his love life. How about we get straight to the details…

Listen to the audio below to hear Jay A’s new song, whose music video will drop soon;