Yesterday Sunday 19th November, a photo of President Uhuru Kenyatta visiting former President Daniel Moi at his Kabarak home went viral.

While most people were caught up in the political angle of the story, others were more interested in his living room, particularly his furniture.

The style of his curtains, his old ‘skool’ phone and couches were the focus of attention of slay kings and slay queens.

Just go through the debate below and read hilarious responses about Moi’s living room.

Trackmann ….For a dollar billionaire Moi has horrible taste. What’s that furniture? Curtains dash

agny Taggart‏..King..This is old money, those aren’t curtains,they’re drapes,that cost a fortune, this is an antique Victorian drawing room. These drapes will still be the same 50 years from now
kiambu mafia..He’s a classic man something you’ll never understand

Mr.Njoroge‏..Can we talk about his phone , Sets the mood of the room, antique

Kalasinga..An old simple man. I’ve even recently seen him in a y61 Nissan Patrol. Lol.

Miss Nduta..Just look at the phone…. That should tell you everything.

Secure Shell …His phone…. Spells out his simple choice of life.

Odd‏..Look at the phone LOL

Della Mbaya‏…Literally the last thing that keeps him awake at night is our opinion on his curtains. But okay lol.

peter Mwita ‏..He’s an oldman for God’s sake, hizo standard zenu za Twitter mnapelekea moi??.

 I-Said-What-I-Said‏…The couch behind him looks dirty

kiambu mafia ..All that furniture was made @ kamiti max I bet that chair is my workmanship effort

Shiko‏…And the table cloth pls

Skinoo‏…Ma bachelor huwa na taste mbaya ya curtains na vitu brathe.

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