So apart from acting, DJ Shiti can also rap and sing…well..kinda. Don’t take him too seriously though. He has the silliest bars and verses. And that is evident in a a new single released with Nairobi-based Afro-beat singer Jaystar.

Also known as Magazine, DJ Shiti is one of the most talented actors/ comedians who has been giving the veteran comedians a run for their money ever since he made his come back some time last year. He got ribs cracking when he pulled that “I garra go…I garra leave line”, that’s currently been used all over Kenya today.

The multi-talented actor recently joined TRHK after Njugush left, and let’s just say that he hasn’t disappointed us one bit.

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From his superb acting skills, to his silly fashion style, to his funnyman stare, his appropriate comedian voice, everything about Shiti will leave you in stitches, compelling you to watch more of his videos.

As for Edwin Juma Jaystar, he is a Nairobi based Afro-beat singer from Mombasa. The singer and songwriter is scaling his efforts in grooming young, up and rising music talents, that he even established the Jaystar Music Foundation to emphasize on his willingness to help the young talents.

He is known for his hit songs Enuka, pigo la moyo, miadarati, mia kwa mia, unanipandisha, upweke, single, money lover, keep on moving, penya and more.

The two have collaborated in a new controversial jam dubbed Ichape ilale, which is one club banger.

It talks about a woman who lied to a man that she is single, only for the man to come and find out later that she is not. But all the same, he doesn’t care. He’ll still “Hit It”. Ataichapa ilale.

As usual, Shiti has his own way of making everything sound hilarious, and his lyrics in this song are no exception.

*DJ Shiti’s voice* “Handranya, si ungeniambia tu ukweli hauko single.. Ama ulitaka tu kinigold dig na wewe ni bibi ya mtu? Umenieka hasira sasa ata sitachapa ilale. Ntatwanga ifure”

In his verse, he says that he has big plans for the lady, but she messed it up

” Aki umeharibu bahati. Na venye nilikua nikufanyie vitu kubwa kwa maisha yako. Nilikua nikununulie earphones, slippers za blue, na charger battery yako isiwaienda battery low”

If you’re a fan of DJ Shiti then I’m pretty sure you’ll love this song. Listen to it

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