Expect creativity whenever Kenyans on Twitter #KOT decide to troll a trending topic and they did it again with #NgiluSinghJokes.

Yesterday 22nd January, Lands Secretary Charity Ngilu named the ‘private developers’ behind the Langata Primary School land grab, and they included;  Mandip Singh Amrit, Manjit Singh Amrit, Harbans Singh Amrit and Kamal Prakash Amrit:1000 shares.

Immediately , KOT started the  #NgiluSinghJokes jokes seeing all the names had a ‘Singh’.

Check out some of the hilarious tweets below.

 Ati someone has grabbed my heart,She has been SINGHing for me 🙂 #NgiluSinghJokes  — Kenn Eddy Krezi (@Kenneddykrezi) January 23, 2015


Q. How do private developers get rid of protestors on grabbed land? A. By Gas-Singh #NgiluSinghJokesn — Betty Waitherero (@bettywaitherero) January 22, 2015


What do you call a style or method of cooking, especially as characteristic of a particular country? Cui Singh (Cuisine) #NgiluSinghJokes — Githinji Epik Kenyan (@PoliticsKE) January 22, 2015


When Your BaELess, You Are! A. SInghLe! #NgiluSinghJokes — Thee Day Dreamer! (@JoSSieVaLentinO) January 22, 2015


Q : Name 1 method of keeping Milking cows A: ZeroGra-Singh #NgiluSinghJokes pic.twitter.com/SUD3dsUUB2” — Follow IG:@XtianDela (@xtiandela) January 22, 2015


Hectic day & finally got round to looking at twitter. Eish #NgiluSinghJokes awesome. I’m reading everySingh before I sleep. — Caroline Mutoko (@CarolineMutoko) January 22, 2015


Q. What do you term as the act of spilling mursik from chebarbar A. misuSINGH #NgiluSinghJokes #RT — Larry Asego (@LarryAsego) January 22, 2015


What do you call a land grabber in shock? Surpri Singh! (surprising) #NgiluSinghJokes— Peter Wakaba (@peterwakaba) January 22, 2015

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