Otile Brown, an RnB artiste known for his fondness for love songs and his abortive relationship with Vera Sidika. He, however, decided to team up with viral sensation Ethic Entertainment who I am amazed at just how versatile they are.

Who would ever have thought Ethic Entertainment would be on a love song? Much less a song that is in Otile Brown’s mould? The jam which was produced by Magix Enga sounds like anything you can imagine Otile Brown on but to hear the lads from Eastlands on it is rather refreshing if you are a fan of theirs.

Titled Dala Dala the jam features the first few scenes exclusively with Otile Brown singing, dancing and gyrating -I figure he wanted all the spotlight on himself because the lads of Ethic are perfectly capable of stealing the limelight.

The final verse which is where they are featured has them in a pool enjoying themselves with a bevvy of beauties as the wax lyric about Kamene Goro!