Back in June 2017 an ex-lover sued Charlie Sheen for failing to disclose his HIV diagnosis before they had unprotected sex.


Now, according to TMZ, the woman is claiming that she was coerced into signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Charlie, 52, publicly announced that he was HIV positive back in November 2015.

Following the June 22 lawsuit, Sheen claimed that his former flame was a ‘professional hooker’ and that his health was disclosed as soon as they were introduced.

‘As a professional sex worker, she has hundreds, if not thousands of sexual partners,’ he told the court. ‘Exposure to sexually transmitted diseases is a risk that she knowingly and willingly accepts every time she has sex for money.’ 

The pair were involved for a mere two months.

The anonymous woman, also referred to as Jane Doe, recently informed the court that, upon meeting Charlie, she signed an NDA out of fear.

She explained that four ‘thuggish’ men with weapons escorted her to Sheen’s garage to sign the document before his condition was ever disclosed.

The Moscow native also admitted that she skimmed the document—due to the fact that she doesn’t speak English fluently.

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