Emmy Kosgei and her husband have indeed had the last laugh. I can recall when she announced her nuptials to the elderly gentleman, it tickled me to no end. I referred to him as her ancestor husband and now I can see that he was just the man God had set aside for her.

Waendanao ndio wafananao: Emmy Kosgei and her husband look alike

Since her wedding, she has grown from strength to strength and she looks at ease and at peace. She is glowing in the way only a man who understands himself and his place at the head of the home can get from his woman.

How to slay Nigerian attire like Emmy Kosgei (PHOTOS)

Emmy Kosgei recently shared a tender photo of the two love birds spending afew moments together and she was seated on her husband’s lap. I do not want to hear jokes about her breaking his thigh bones either!

Anyway, the caption was a sweet one with her posting:

#nkem.. 💝❤❤ thank you! ! I dont take you forgranted 🙏🙏 God bless you for me ❤❤#myno1#my👑#husbandofme#kingofourkingdom#sundayvibes@amadubuko

Nkem is an Igbo name that loosely translates to a reference to someone who brings happiness or joy. Then again, I am not too sure so don’t quote me.