Khaligraph Jones/ Instagram

Khaligraph Jones has clearly decided 2019 is a year of clap-backs.

He took to social media to share a diss track for his ex who never wanted anything to do with him back when he was a poor guy and now that he is rich and famous, she is trying to find her way back to his life.

Khaligraph throws shade in his freestyle track saying:

i remember these girls i used to flirt around with a while back, they showed me a lot of attitude.  i remember njeri we met in dandora, she called me yesterday asking if i could sleep with her and i was like hell no, with all the attitude you showed me? now you want me because mimi  ni baba yao. i am like no. my d**k to precious and i ain’t going with you unless you have money but by the looks of thing, it is m money you want. you are hella stupid if you think i will give it to you hell no!

Khaligraph Jones/ Instagram

Khaligraph is soon to be a father yet there is a lady who is trying to lure him to her bed. Clearly, he is a loyal man because he has called out ‘Njeri’ in a diss track.

His ex’s have been on a roll. Just recently Cashy exposed him as a violent man back when she was in a relationship with him and she says she has reported the case to the police. Read it all below:

Exclusive: ‘There was constant violence’ Cashy reveals why she dumped Khaligraph

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