It’s no secret that tiny houses are becoming a thing now with more and more people getting into the idea of living in a small space that meets all your needs.

Tiny houses aren’t really for everyone but, will there come a time in the future where people will have to live in a tiny house whether they like it or not?

The environment is getting worse and the population is increasing so tiny houses seem like a solution to the problem.


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With all the beneficial attributes they have it’s no wonder tiny houses are becoming so popular around the world. Celebrities such as Robert Pattison (Twilight saga), Matthew McConaughey and Kesha have either lived or live in tiny houses themselves.

There are multiple benefits to a tiny house. First you get financial freedom. A tiny house doesn’t cost a lot to build. It’s specifically suited for your needs so you won’t have to take out a mortgage to buy that gigantic house you want but don’t necessarily need. Plus you get to save money to spend on whatever you feel like.

The worlds most insanely expensive household items

You also get to be more environmentally friendly. With tiny houses taking less raw materials to build some are even made out of recyclable material. They use less energy and produce a lot less waste with majority of it being re-used as compost fertilizer.

Cleaning tiny houses takes a lot less time than bigger houses. Some even take as less as 15 minutes to clean. You also have more personal time with your lived ones. Larger houses have more space therefore if say your child gets mad at you. They just lock themselves in their room or your spouse and a physical void is created in your relationship.

But its not all roses. You also have lack of personal space, theirs no extra space to store items and some tiny houses are’t necessarily smiled upon by authorities with legal aspects getting in the way. But that’s the point  of a tiny house. Your supposed to have what you need in your surrounding and avoid having excess. “If it looks good but it’s not functional, then it’s not worth anything.”(Matthew McConaughey ).

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