Hopekid is back on the scene for the first time since the scandal involving him and DK Kwenye Beat and a lass who accused them of finessing her into having a threesome.

As you can expect, the questions zeroed in on this one and Hopekid acquiesced and gave us an answer to the question on everyone’s lips, “What happened?”

Well, for starters, he got tested and he doesn’t have Herpes. let me reiterate that, Hopekid wants you to know he doesn’t have herpes. As for how the rape scandal played out,

“I wanted a structure whereby I can sort out the whole situation and I wanted to maintain my dignity and reputation. What I can say is that we signed an NDA and niko hapa kama Hopekid and for me, there was never a rape case. The lady was my friend actually and she was someone I was trying to talk to. She is suicidal and I was the guy she would turn to when she needed someone to talk to.”

I was surprised when she accused me of rape and [I felt] the issue needed someone with more experience than I so I asked my Bishop to reach out to the lady. That is why it was resolved amicably. Had it been left to me, I might have posted the lady and said she is the one accusing me of rape. I felt I had the right to out her because everyone was accusing me with a ghost.

So there you have it.