Tanasha Donna and Diamond are always on your top trending especially now that we are waiting to see that baby boy.

Their baby shower happened last weekend and it revealed a lot. Apparently, a lady by the name Lulu Diva came to cause drama in the party but was seized by Diamonds security team.

The drama left Tanasha in a sombre mood and a lot of fans wondering what was really going on.

With a  lot of free time, she often goes live on Instagram just to engage with her fans now that she is at 1 million followers.

Apparently, according to reports from Tanzanian blogs Lulu Diva went for the grand baby shower uninvited and when Diamond saw her, he chased her out but she refused to leave. She then went to the ladies and video called him and she took screenshots of their call.

She went live yesterday and so many people asked her to clarify the Lulu Diva story and she smartly ignored that but answered every other question. She wasn’t live for long but she had a lot of answers for her fans.

We have not seen the screenshots she claimed she took so this remains a rumour.

When asked when she will be getting the butt job, she confidently answered in January next year when the workload on the baby would have reduced.

After that, Tanasha promised her fans she will be dropping a lot of music including her EP. She is not the type of artiste who releases a song without a video.

The mother to be is really in love with Diamond and give the opportunity she will always confess her love for him. Unfortunately, he could not make it for the live video session as he was recording music but after Tanasha gave us all the details we needed, she posted a picture of them at the baby shower and captioned

I know you hated your outfit and your look but loved it. You are always sexy to me. love this man

I do not know why he hated the look but I am sure you agree that he looked amazing.

Meet Tanasha Donna’s gorgeous grandmother (PHOTO)

Tanasha is head over heels for Platnumz but she assured him one thing. If he ever cheats on her, she will leave no doubt.

What could have led to these threats though?

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