Andrew Kibe is out here making it on the top trends on social media and today on The Morning Conversation, he tried to explain to Kamene Goro that love does not exist.

So his theory is that we have been taught a certain kind of love by the soap operas we watch. That does not have to be the way we express love.

“You still believe in love? The love you believe in is the love you have been taught by the TV. These days guys tell their partners ‘I love you’ before you leave the house which is not an African thing. we even tell our kids we love them and it is not cute because that is what we have been taught. there is no reality in that.”kIBE SAID

He added that these days guys say boys who do not get the ‘love’ of their dads these days are broken but they are doing just fine.

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“By the time we are hooking up then there is no room for survival in that relationship if it does not match to what you’ve been taught. Us guys used¬† see our dads once a month and we grew up without issues. This love is what is making people kill themselves” HE ADDED

Kibe has been married before so when he speaks, it is from experience. He mentioned that these days he has to tell his child he loves them because that is what we have been forced to think love is.

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