Tyler Mbaya popularly known as Baha and his brother Maliq lost their mother 5 years ago. Their mother was a popular actress in the local series Mother-In-Law.

Well, Baha’s brother took to social media to pen down an emotional letter to their late mother, wishing she could see how they’ve grown up.

He wrote, “Been 5 years already since we lost this gem of a woman @tyler_mbaya. It didn’t really hit me how long its been until I realised this is one of the only two decent pictures I have of her. So I apologise if y’all have seen this picture too much. And for bringing your beautiful Sunday to a such a low note.

I’m older now and I understand that a lot of stuff that happens in our life has a reason. We may never know why, so the best we can do is trust that it was and still is for the best.
How I wish you could see us now😢. Well you probably are. And I know there’s a smile on your face.
We love you so much mom! ❤❤ Happy mother’s day…#SinemaniKazi.”

Baha also commented on his brother’s post writing, “WORD BRO♨ I MISS HER MORE!❤

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