Willis Raburu has opened up and spoken about the power his wife has over his life.

Raburu wed Marya in a fancy invite only wedding ceremony that left Kenyan fisilets envious.

Marya has been showing off her hubby on social media saying stuff like, “I love when he enjoys being himself not only when he is with me but also in public, #mysoultattoo😍 #mypersonalbadboy #mcm #mancrusheverydayallday.”

She bore the brunt of haters who were not happy that she was snapped up by the Citizen TV host.

Marya is ever so aware of her position in the limelight, in one of her posts she writes, “Everyone wants to be a diamond but very few are willing to be cut.”

Adding, “Every second of your life counts, spend it appreciating you and not pleasing people who do not care about you😉.”

This strong spirit seems to inspire Willis and change his life.

Willis Raburu and Marya Prude

The 10 Over 10 co-host said in an online post that his wife is the reason he is a success.

“Listen, do NOT be fooled,” Willis said, “I am who I am today and will continue to grow and succeed because of the prayers of my Wife. She is beautiful on the outside and the inside. Marya Prude Raburu I celebrate, honor and love you. Thank you for drawing me closer to God.”

Willis penned a beautiful birthday message for Marya revealing how many kids he wants to have.

He wrote: “Happy Birthday to my #MorKich #MySoulTatoo #MyFavour my personal naughty girl, and the future mother of my 12 kids 😉😉😉😉 I love you and I am excited that I a doing life with you my wife, my rock, my all . Marya Prude Raburu.”

Willis Raburu and Marya Prude

Marya responded: “Thank you, I love you so much my husband, my baby boo, my personal bad boy, my priest, my best friend.”

Clearly, she is ready to nurse and nurture all 12 of his babies.

Kenyans online were so touched by this admission. Here are their reactions…

Dixie Tumissa: Wooow what a beautiful couple. God bless your marriage
Margaret Chepkorir: He who finds a good wife finds something good. Be blessed
Dinah Ibukah: Power couple…God keep you
Morin Ovi: God bless you abundantly a family that prays together will always remain strong forever already my #rolemodels