Minimalism, as the name suggests, is about using a limited amount of items.

When seen in watches, it means a watch that doesn’t have alot of bells and whistles.

When speaking matters home decor it’s about using a few simply crafted items to ensure the home doesn’t get cluttered.

You do away with the superfluous and any clutter and voila, you have a nice decongested space for you to call your home. There are certain steps you have to first take to create a minimalist home.

Check them out below and perhaps they will get you closer to your ideal Shangri La:

Here’s how to own your hostel with a personal touch

#1. Start by cleaning and tidying up

Get rid of the clutter. Car keys, shoes, clothes laying about, get rid of everything. Clean up and keep away what needs to be cleaned and throw away the trash.
The more you tidy up, the more you can save time when you start minimalizing the rooms because you can visualize how you want everything to turn out.

#2. Choose the right colours

Make sure the colours compliment each other and blend well together. No need getting good stuff that sits in your room like a box of crayons with everything looking out of place.

#3. Pick quality furniture and fittings

Think quality over quantity.

#4. Learn and adhere to the “one in, one out” principle

If you are decluttering or replacing something and even if you aren’t you have just seen a nice piece of furniture you want, remember the golden rule of minimalism; one in, one out.

#5. Different textures, similar tones

#6. Invest in stylishly simple storage

Ensure that you can store things away when they aren’t in use and why not get something stylish while at it?

I hope this helps you as you declutter your life and your stuff.