The sun is out, blazing hot in some areas and you want to step out in style, it is time to enjoy a little of sun, however they are a few items you may want to carry along with you just to be safe out there this hot January.

Here is a few pointers to guide you while shopping for designer sunglasses depending on the shape of your face;

Oval Face

How to pick the best sunglass for your face


Well if you happen to possess this face shape then you are very lucky, shopping for a designer sunglasses will be easy peasy for you, because this is the Ideal shape and pretty much any sunglasses can fit you and completely transform your look.

Oval face has balanced proportions, therefore making it easier to shop for sunglasses. People with this kind of face have narrow foreheads, high cheekbones and narrow chins.

While shopping for sunglasses, it is important to choose frames that are not too thick or too thin, basically

Don’t choose frames wider than your face width (the broadest part of your face).

Square face

How to pick the best sunglass for your face

A square face is normally considered a ‘strong face’ and the purpose of wearing glasses well apart from protecting your eyes and improving your sight is to soften the lines and angles of your face.

So if you have a square face go for round frames to soften the sharpness, balance the angles and make your face a little longer.

Choose wider sunglasses and avoid square and rectangular glasses with sharp corners, as for frames choose one that are not too thick.

Round face

How to pick the best sunglass for your face

This is one of the most easily identifiable faces due to its circular appearance and lack of strong lines and angles.

People with round faces have wide foreheads, full cheeks and rounded chins.

So while shopping for designer sunglasses, choose polygonal or square sunglasses that are wider because wide frames give the illusion of a slimmer and longer face.

People with round faces should not be afraid to try sunglasses adorned with prints, bright colours or other embellishments which further adds contrast and definition to the face.

Heart-shaped face

If your face resembles a heart, your widest part of your face is at the top and the narrowest part is at the bottom (sharp pointed chin)

When choosing for Heart-shaped faces, the goal is to minimized the width of the top of your face and to broaden the appearance of the chin, so shop for frames that are wider than your forehead or have prominent end point, the cat-eye or round is therefore the ideal designer sunglass for you.