Huddah Monroe is a lass full of surprises. One minute she is talking trash about Kenyan men, the next she is singing their praise. Today would be a case of the latter. She took to speaking about the recently released video doing rounds on social media of Nigerian Yahoo boys arrested in America for fraud.

First, allow me to say that Kenyans have shown a rather worrying penchant for Xenophobia. Kenyans have taken to discussing a small per cent of an entire nation, and are using that example as definitive proof that these people are fraudulent.

Anyway, allow Obiajulu to put his feelings to the side and tell you the story of how Kenyan men are actually complaining about Nigerian men solely because they have “taken all our women” or so the complaint goes.

Huddah Monroe
Huddah Monroe

Huddah addressed this very gripe in a way when she addressed what drives these women crazy about Nigerian men; sex. She, however, went on to talk about the fact that Nigerian men abandon the children their sexual prowess beget and that is one of the reasons Nigerian men earn the ire of Kenyan women.

Check out how she articulated her argument below: