The whole country is fretting over the deadly coronavirus that had it’s first confirmed case in Kenya. Schools are being closed, people working from home. Social media is on fire over this dreaded virus. Well, none of that concerns Huddah.

The famous social lite and entrepreneur is out there feeling and looking gorgeous while all these other celebrities are out here preaching on what corona is and to prevent it. Some of their theories true. Others, just that, theories.

Cardi B’s take on corona virus, she is not taking any chances

Huddah is taking amazing photos of herself flaunting herself all over her social media page. Through her instagram page, she posts pictures and throws words of wisdom to her fans. None of these words involve coronavirus or anything related to it.

The huddah cosmetic CEO has been busy marketing her products and improving her life.

So if y’all think that corona is affecting the whole country, try huddah’s place. you wil be disappointed

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