Huddah Monroe has been through a lot before the fame and money.

She has come from a poor background and she has had to forfeit a lot for the sake of her siblings’ benefits especially when it comes to education.

Now Huddah is living her best life on yachts and travelling from continent to continent. Just last week she was in Los Angeles and when she came home, she had some reality checks to give her followers.

For her, it sucks that there is a lot of theft in Kenya because of corruption yet the money the leaders are stealing, they will leave here on earth.

Soo many Questions!

Why are we as Black people soooo Selfish?

All those who have died, we’ve buried many this year alone, Did they leave with their Billions?
I’ve never understood why one person would have millions, billions in their account, private jets, yachts while someone somewhere is sleeping hungry with no roof over their head?????

Why can’t the people stealing money from their own people put it back into the Country and create Employment for their own people ???? Leave alone taking care of the people, they are selfish to themselves why can’t they build hospitals to cater to them when they grow old? Sick and can’t move a muscle.

Huddah’s solution is certain mentalities should die with this generation.

With the BILLIONS you have and u won’t be buried with, you have to be airlifted for medical services????? SMH!
Where did common sense go? That colonial, mental slavery, & mentality honestly needs to DIE with its generation!

Here are a few supporters including those who want to be in her government:

Ollie: I will like to run as your running mate when you are ready for office 🤣🤣🤣

Essie: I feel u… This is a common problem in Africa generally not only Kenya but even in Uganda

Kez: Huddah for President 2022🙌🙌🙌

Leah: Huddah for prezz😘💪

Wahome: The Queen 👑 has said it

David: I back this thought up. Everyday i meet smart, innovative young people who have ideas that can get us all out of poverty. Outsiders can see that and are investing….why can’t we?💓

Eriq: Hallo madam president

Mia: You are the epitome of beauty with brains. I love how you strike up positive conversations on different subjects mostly self and youth empowerment. Continue inspiring continue invoking these sentiments, securing the bag should always be the goal. 👏

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