Last we heard from Huddah Monroe, she had some advice for those women who keep borrowing money.

For a long time, it’s been rumored that she sleeps with rich men for money and to fuel the rumors even more, Huddah decided to say it out loud. Her words of advice to women who want to be like her, a rich CEO – is to sell pudesh.

Around the same time, she called upon Eliud Kipchoge just after he ran 42 kilometers in under 2 hours for a bedroom challenge.

The news got to Huddah’s mother after the story was published in the newspaper. This forced her to explain the reason as to why she told women to sell pudesh.

‘Go sell your pudesh!’ Huddah gives women some advice

She posted a video on social media saying,

my mum just called me saying she read in the newspaper that I said people should sell their p**sy and she is saying it is not a good thing. Of course, it is not a good thing but there are people out here who know I am very generous. Especially with money. And people take that as a sign of weakness because they can keep borrowing me. Every time they borrow I give them and they take my kindness for weakness. They became toxic borrows and it annoying and that is why I was saying people need to figure their sh*t out.

Clearly, the Huddah Cosmetics CEO is tired of people who constantly borrow money. She mentioned that people should start up a business and that is why she was saying sell pudesh, make money and open a business.

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