Huddah Monroe is done with playing nice when it comes to women who attack other women’s products in the name of competition. And Huddah Monroe has a point, afterall, isn’t it said that women are their own worst enemies?

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Anyway, Huddah Monroe knows how it feels to be a victim of a smear campaign run by female competitors after she launched her lipstick product.

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And she shared something rather interesting:

I really HATE seeing women bash other women businesses! I hate wigs and weaves but that doesnt mean i dunno quality hair . Or i cant rock it once in a while . I used to spend $3,000 on 1 wig. So when u hating on another woman to promote yours thats even cheaper and sisal just shows how lame u are . You cannot shine by dimming another persons light!

Kenyan women should learn to promote their businesses without hating or trashing and soiiing another womans bread . There is enough for all of us to eat! Everyone is trying to succeed . Stop that old school style of marketing coz u think if another person eats the food wont be enough! Hating on others businesses to promote yours doesnt work in this generation! WAKE UP!