Yesterday was a proud moment for Kenyans as they watched Eliud Kipchoge achieve what was termed impossible.

Eliud Kipchoge has made history by being the first human to run a marathon in under two hours. Kipchoge crossed the finish line in 1:59:40.

Now what many Kenyans can’t stop talking about is the amount of money he went home with. Among the Kenyans is socialite Huddah Monroe.

Other than the money, a lot of memes where also of men’s bedroom performance time being challenged to 1 hour 59 minutes. But most men said that will not be challenging Kipchoge that will be standing with him.

The challenge would be for them to smash their ladies for 1 minute 59 seconds.

#INEOS159. Kanji Mbugua releases an emotional song celebrating Eliud Kipchoge(VIDEO)

Huddah has given herself up to as the specimen to see how good Kipchoge’s game is in bed.

Trust Huddah Monroe to present herself when it comes to anything money or the bedroom. In as much as the man has a wife and children, fo Huddah, ‘no human is limited’.

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