Huddah Monroe clearly lives in her own world. She never needs anyone’s approval to do right.

She has climbed the social ladder and we can only but look at her from a distance. The socialite has made headlines countless times; from beefing with her fellow ladies to landing deals left right and center.

Well, she has yet again done the unthinkable. Just like any other lady, Huddah wants to be flawless and the topic in people’s mouth.


She is a sexy lass who is one to look out for. She has proved to be one of the most successful women in showbiz; her words not mine. But you gotta give credit where it’s due. Well, she was announced an ambassador for Uber, a cosmetic company dubbed BrightenMi and a Cancer Survivors’ ambassador; providing wigs with the help of Diana Okech. She might have more ambassadorial roles that we do not know of yet. It’s good start though.


Well Huddah is not about to stop anytime soon. A while back she announced that she was starting a lip line of matte lipsticks. She announced the news on her Instagram page. She even went ahead to give snippets of the lipsticks and how much they would cost.

Having a brand is a huge deal but working without a website will be quite hectic. Since Huddah will be unveiling her lip line very soon, she’s also about to launch a website for her new cosmetic product.

Look out for Huddah. She’s coming at a fast pace.