Huddah is a trendy chic and everything about her screams fabulous. Her lifestyle is one we only see international celebrities live, but I guess that’s her thing and she’s allergic to know living that lifestyle.

From designer shoes to clothes to jewellery, Huddah has all that and more.

Well a few weeks ago, she showed off her new house but had not furnished it yet and since she was in Monaco, not much could be done.

Since she came back, she has managed to furnish her house and one thing I’m sure you will fall in love with is her bedroom.

Huddah has always said she loves white and believe me when I say her bedroom is all that and what most girls would want. Beautiful dashboard, clean sheets, a nice poof, breathtaking chandelier, and a huge closet; this is the bedroom most girls dream of having.

Maybe Huddah should share a thing or two about furnishing bedrooms.

Check out the photos below;

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