We’ve heard of celebrities dating and breaking up, but lately, not from the famous Huddah Monroe. She, however, disclosed the difficulties she has in finding the right person and all she thinks about boyfriends and lovers.

On her Insta stories, Huddah told her fans that her major problem right now is finding the right man. Besides this, she shared other various aspects of love. She screamed on her Insta stories that finding a man with the right D is not a problem, the problem is finding a good man attached to it.

Huddah educates celebrities on why fans are untrustworthy

She shared another post of what her ex should do incase they fell like they want to play with her emotions. And that is to drop her off to the next man.

On her stories, she shares;


The famous entrepreneur has not always been lucky when it comes to love. Recently she admitted that she had gotten sick and tired of her past life which involved dating and f***ng old rich men.

She, however said that she has gotten over it and it may take her a while before she finds a man that is loyal and suits her profile.

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