Huddah Monroe has shocked her followers after revealing the number of children she is planning to get.

In case you have been off social media, she now has a boyfriend who has been gifting her left right and center. That is when she also revealed that she does not sleep with married men so we should stop labeling her.

Huddah has constantly put it out there that she wants a family, but has never revealed how many children she wants until now.  On her Instagram videos she revealed that she wants five children.

I want five children and I do not know why people always oppose me! That chapter of my life I’ll do it to the max

‘I do not sleep with married men!’ Huddah Monroe

One trait that is very conspicuous in Huddah’s life, is that she is a very generous person and she has said it severally. So with her children, they will have an amazing life. A generous mother and a rich father. What more do they need?

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