In case you’ve been living in a cage and don’t what year it is, best believe it’s 2019 and things are up and running. There’s no time to waste people.

So much happened in 2018, from countless deaths, to political fights and many more.


Now, predicting what will happen this year is not an easy job, but you can never go wrong with just your own idea of what you think will happen.

Wife material! Chipukeezy shows off his new girlfriends cooking skills

Speaking to Chipukeezy, board member of NACADA, he gave his prediction for 2019 saying,

“Kenya will be a more sober nation. I’m looking forward to opening more rehabilitation centres and have more engagement with young people across the country on combating drug abuse.”

Chipukeezy is quite a funny guy. On a lighter note, he added,

“Socialite Huddah Monroe will release a song and call it ‘Nitaambia nini watu’, Miguna Miguna is expected to release a song called “I am back!”. I will bring Nick Minaj on a tour of Kenya to talk to the youths about drugs and Eric Omondi will be a news anchor.”

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