Akothee has been announcing that she is pregnant and she has gone as far as to announce the name of the child to be. Incase you fell behind on all that, you can catch up on all that jazz here:

Akothee revels details on baby number six(FULL DETAILS INSIDE)

And she even revealed some embarrassing intimate things about her new man which most would shy to reveal but not Akothee:

BDSM with Mistress Akothee: My mzungu likes it when I beat him

But there was something most people missed when she gave details about her new child: she actually was smart enough to hide an important detail in… Well, the details.

The name of the child’s father is Kevin. So what have we learnt here today? The fact that Akothee’s baby daddy is a caucasian man who enjoys being beaten by Akothee and his name is Kevin.