Many of us ushered in 2019 with resolutions for a better year that includes health, wealth and family. Your favorite celebrities and the who’s who are no different. They are also planning to make huge leaps.

Here are some interesting resolutions:

  1. Diamond Platnumz

All Diamond wants this year is to take his music international. In as much as he has had collabos and tours, this year he plans to work even harder.

“I look forward to spreading my brand of entertainment across more borders beyond. Move my music reach from East Africa to get to an International audience. I also hope to work more with other international acts. I mean if I can write Swahili music and listen to English music and love it, I also want them to love my music. That is my biggest resolution for 2019.”

2. Intellectual Property lawyer Liz Lenjo plans to be bolder and always stand for the truth.

“It’s hard to sometimes with this age of social media and being trolled. I also plan to work smarter and open my eyes to new opportunities,” Lenjo said adding that recently she has been trolled a lot.

“The fact that many Kenyans do not understand IP Laws, trolls have implied I am a sell out based on my sharing the legal position on the Hakuna Matata trademark and the fact that we need to be more educated about Trademarks laws,” she said.

In an earlier interview, Lenjo had explained to Kenyans that the essence of trademarks is to protect where creativity is applied on language, symbols, colours, numbers to brand a product or good or service after Disney filed a federal trademark registration for “Hakuna Matata” under serial number 74558335.

3. King of Benga Dan Aceda says that the year had very many exciting things that happened and looking forward to venturing in acting.

“The launch of my fourth album Accelerate was among the best things this year,” Dan said, “The low point of 2018 was being forced to move my studio because of the iconic redevelopment of The Go Down Arts Center. Other than that, I am looking forward to 2019.”

“My resolutions are to learn new skills and to appear in at least one episode of a TV series. I haven’t done enough acting so I want to get back to that,” he said.

4. Nameless said, “Although 2018 was good for me, I feel, I want to work and try and do different things next year and see what is there. I will also be hitting the gym to be a bit more healthy.

We are still resolving a lot and we need to continue learning a lot about each other to set our resolutions,” he said.

5. Carol Radull added, “I don’t believe in New Year resolutions because they are forced and do not last. For example, I wanted to lose weight and I felt the urge to start that journey in November so I did. Had I waited for the new year I would have been at least 2kgs heavier after mum’s food. Resolutions should be decisions you make based on a feeling, not a date. I also resolved; weeks ago; to stop spending more time than necessary on social media as I have been a slave to my phone.”

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6. Nyce Wanjeri has had a good 2018 after winning numerous awards for her TV acting role in Auntie Boss.

“First of all, I am humbled to be considered a leader in whatever little capacity. I plan to keep forging on, new year or not, that’s a daily motto. I resolved a long time ago to keep a positive mind in everything I do, no matter how hard the circumstances, and I live by that always. I also intend to put out great content for my amazing fans on whatever platform that will be available for me to showcase my craft.”

7. Jua Cali, a man of few words said, “I am looking forward to releasing my new album early next year.”

Juacali/ Photo By Douglas Okiddy

I do hope all of you make it through 2019 and achieve all your resolutions.