Lynda Nyangweso has finally responded to those trolls who had so much to say about her vacation picture.

Opening up in a candid QnA, she said that on that day she just shared a normal picture like anybody else would of herself and her family enjoying their vacation.

I posted the picture because we were happy and we were having fun we were on vacation like any other regular family on vacation.

someone called me a whale. I think that is the most creative one. I appreciated it. At least you did your research because he specifically called me a beluga whale

Despite the trolls, the one thing she is grateful for is that she did not log on to Instagram so it did not affect her vacation time.

Honestly, the best thing I did was post and went on with my vacation. It is only afterward I saw people expected me to wear I don’t know garbage bags

Luckily, she has a very supportive husband who is blind to all the trolls.

Ooh my God my husband is the most amazing person because he is the blindest to such things so I thank him for that but I will say this time what got to me was that people DMing him and telling him really mean things

Lynda Nyangweso and husband celebrate wedding anniversary

Every time Lynda posts something on social media she almost always expects to be trolled which is sad.

Did I expect this? In an ideal world, I would say no I just expect people to see the picture and like it or not but to be honest, every time I post I expect people to be mean.

They never really bother Lynda Nyangwezo but the one comment that affected her was a comment on her daughter where one guy said she did not deserve a child based on how she looks.

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