Jalang’o is one guy who is not afraid to talk about his past.

All that glitters in his life has come after a hard knock life. Jalang’o narrated his story on how his father went through tough times just to make sure Jalang’o sees the gates of a school.

This includes even selling maize to the school for school fees. Well, with all that, Jalang’o has managed to create a path of success. He was the MC during Obama’s visit to Kogalo and that he said was a highlight of his busy life.

Money comes with a lot of fake people. Family, friends or even someone who would call themselves a lover just to have a piece of your pie.

Jalang’os prayer is that he may have genuine friends in his life. He confesses that he cannot even get to 5 people. That is how real life can get.

I always pray to have genuine friends…people who can be there for me…but then again I come and realise that even to name 5 people who will stop everything to come to you is a problem! Do you yourself have 5 people who would stop everything just for you? Forget family! Just five pals by your side! TAG THEM AND TELL THEM HOW SPECIAL THEY ARE TO YOU!

Humble Beginnings at Kiss FM! Jalang’o unveils the truth behind his journey in becoming a radio personality

One thing Jalang’o aims at is making sure he is an influence in the society. The post clearly spoke some hard truths to his followers because from the comment, not many could get to 5 genuine friends.

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