Xtian Dela is that guy who makes noise when change needs to be effected and it works. Why? He has a massive following on social media.

With the ongoing trend, #playkemusic, he had a lot to say and directly to Khaligraph Jones, the one who initiated the trend.

Remember the video of Khaligraph Jones singing to Betty Kyallo that upset Kenyans? The lyrics to his song, Stick, is what Xtian is questioning.

According to Xtain, his lyrics and those of the trending songs, ‘Lamba Lolo’ and ‘Panua’ are equally the same and so all should get equal airplay. He is more disappointed in Khaligraph because he should be a role model, but he is failing.

Their beef started after Khaligraph quickly released a diss track to Xtian Dela because he shared those songs, songs that people are saying do not have content.

I am disappointed. I am heartbroken by the fact that this guy who has won African Awards as best Hip hop artiste can stoop so low to desperately write a nursery school bars to get my attention. O.G, let me tell you this, you’re disappointing because instead of being a role model to the youth you’re the biggest thorn in the industry

you dissed me a few days ago after I shared the youths songs who just want to make it in life by copying what the lamba lolo guys are doing. Don’t get me wrong, I shared the music just to give you a wake-up call but you decided otherwise

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Xtian Dela possed a challenge to Papa Jones and asked him to be an example to the youth and a mentor. If his song will be palyed so will the others he thinks are trash.

 Acha kua hypocrite!Tusupport Kenyan music without favoritism..Let the industry grow and not just specific people!the upcoming are suffering

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