Jacque Maribe is really living her best life.

From the day she was set free from remand prison, she was on the low for some time but when the green light went on, she has been going hard. Trips with her baby daddy, Eric Omondi, and going hard on the trolls on social media.

Jacque has been spending a lot of time in clubs as a celebrity guest during karaoke nights. This weekend she was at The Sands Club with former colleagues, Hassan Mugambi. They sang Ali Kiba’s famous mushy song, Aje.

They lovingly looked into each others eyes, dedicating the sweet lyrics to each other. I do not want to be the one to start rumors but the two were very comfortable with each other.

Jacque Maribe
Hassan Mugambi, Jacque Maribe and
Kadzoh Gungah

Jacque and Hassan did such a good job, the club gave them a shout out saying they are by far the best ever karaoke duo. They even have a name, The Pacifiers.

‘There was a gun and blood on the floor’ Maribe’s house girls testifies against Jacque and Jowie

Well, enough said, watch the video below:

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