Vanessa Mdee and Juma Jux broke up and moved on fast, well according to us social media in-laws The two are not in stable relationships.

A few days ago, we found out Vanessa is in a relationship with Rotimi, one of TV series ‘Power’ main characters. We put two and two together despite them doing their best to hide their relationship. Talk about investigative skills 100%.

Level up! Vanessa Mdee replaces Juma Jux with ‘Power’ star, Rotimi

Today we had the chance to interview Juma Jux and of course we asked him about his thoughts now that his ex has moved on. He revealed a lot we were not aware of but he is genuinely happy for the two.

let me tell you the truth, Vanessa and I broke up in 2018 December. Guys knew about our breakup 8 months after. To people, it was too soon but to us, it took time. I mean almost a year is not a short time to move on.


Juz added,

I am happy she found love in Rotimi. I was waiting for the day she will be happy. You know when it comes to love one person moves on after a breakup and one remains and so when I saw she has moved on, in all honesty, I was happy.

He even added that he is a fan of Power and he loves Rotimi as a character in the show.

I watch power a lot and I love Rotimi and the way he acts I love it. I said it in an interview before that if Vanessa finds someone, he has found a good girl because she is amazing and every man wants to be with her. I mean I have been in a relationship with her for 6 years. She is an amazing girl. I am happy for her to be honest.

Jux is also a happy man. He is dating Nayika who is one peng girl and he said their relationship is stable. They constantly visit each other where he flies to Thailand and she flies to Tanzania.

Similarities between Vanessa Mdee’s ex, Juma Jux and boyfriend Rotimi(PHOTOS)

Kiss100 wishes both couples all the best in their love story.

Watch the full interview below:

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